Shenzhen RIZHENGDA Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd., is a high-tech and innovative enterprises. Committed to two major areas of the sensor switch and led lighting, focus on the research, design, development, and LED foundation explore up to 10 years. Located in the factory of the world known as Shenzhen, China, with more than 20 professional engineer team, and achieved the cases of a number of industry professionals. The place of factory over 4000 square meters, more than 200 employee, annual output value of 53 million. As the gold supplier of the alibaba corporation,and Baidu, GOOGLE brand promotion. The main products are sensor products,such as all kinds Sensor Ceiling lights,sensor down lights,sensnor bulbs,sensor tubes and sensor switches.All products are all approved CE and ROSH certification.“quality first ",as our survival of the soul, as the company deep into the heart of each day is up to the employees. Company philosophy: intentions illuminate your world: focus on innovation, brand casting: Your demand ...


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Add:3rd Floor,11th Building,Aohua Industrial Zone, Dalang Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China.
Email:[email protected]

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